5 benefits of weight loss you simply can’t ignore

Published on November 9, 2020 by Cori Grămescu


Feeling on your own skin how these benefits improve your life, you will stay on track, one step at a time, holding without effort on to this positive attitude and bring more good changes in your life.

Be patient and note some changes that motivate you

It might take time to see your weight loss progress and that is ok. Patience and having the right mindset is a very important part of this journey and you should learn to master it, no matter what you do in your life. But, until you achieve your desired results, there are some weight loss benefits that you start to notice soon enough after taking this path with confidence, determination and structure.

When I was on my own weight loss journey, I felt some of the benefits right away and I wanted to do everything that was in my power to stay focused and feel my best all day, every day. If you wonder what were the best feelings that I had once I started to eat healthy foods in an organized manner and to increase my physical activity, the answer is: feeling rested, emotionally balanced and lightness of being.

There were several other changes I experienced and I will tell you more about them right now.

Better mood

Soon after I started moving more and eating better foods, I felt lighter, both mentally and physically. It was as if a rock lifted off my chest. I started to do everything more easily and more freely, I was more open and more kind to other people and I felt jolly and good spirited more often.

I realized without effort that the new regimen of healthy food and constant movement helped me sleep better and rest for the entire night which brought improvement to all levels of my life!

Stress relief

Before I started to move constantly, I was so moody and angry most of the time, even if I didn’t have clear reasons for that. It was as if I never managed to relax or see the bright side of life, as they say, because anything and everything was annoying me and it felt like I wanted to pick on a fight no matter how small or insignificant the reason for my dissatisfaction was.

As soon as I started to move more, I felt a sort of relief after every class in the gym or walk in the park. It was as if the more I moved, the more I started to rediscover myself. It was in fact the miracle of exercising, letting all energies go out from the body and taking in the good vibes of a sweaty workout, feeling free at the end of each hour of movement.

Better cooking

For a long time, I thought I need to have amazing chef skills in the kitchen in order to eat healthy. Little did I know eating healthy is not about fancy meals, but about choosing the right foods for the body and mind and cooking them as simple as possible.

It was only when I started to dedicate to my weight loss journey that I began to experiment in the kitchen with vegetables, meat and condiments of all kinds, realizing cooking something nourishing for myself and my family can be super rewarding when it is made with love and happiness for the wellbeing of everyone that you care for.

Now I just have fun in the kitchen whenever I cook and even if I’m not in the mood for it and I would rather order take out, I know what to choose and enjoy in order to stay on track with my purpose.

More organized

Did you ever consider that you feel tired because of the chaotic way you live your life? While no life is perfect by the book, there are certain aspects you can improve so that day to day you have a bit of structure in your existence. This structure came into my life when I started my weight loss journey and, man, did it feel like something else!

The simple change of eating at the same hours 3 times a day and the 3 workouts I did every week, no matter what, gave me the sense that I finally knew where my life is going. I started to feel more balanced and figuring out the fact I feel so good due to these minor changes made me start planning in other areas of my life as well.

For example, for a long time I didn’t know where my money go so fast and, finally, I made an Excel spread sheet and started to keep track of all my expenses being able to identify where I can improve my financial habits and save money. It worked like charm and it was all my merit!

Improved sex life

I should’ve start with the very good news, but I wanted to keep this as the cherry on top: the improved sex life. Before I started to workout constantly, all I wanted to do when I came home was to rest and watch TV. I felt so down and tired and I was not able to enjoy sex anymore.

After I started to workout, I realized it was my lack of movement that was making me feel like a coach potato. Once I moved more, I wanted to move even more and I started to do this again in bed, with my partner, because I had the energy to do it and also the resistance and muscles to try new things and explore more.

Do not forget: the journey of weight loss takes time! Be patient to get connected to this experience and to discover all its benefits. You won’t regret putting the time in it, I promise!

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