Healthy eating made personal. Feel better and lose weight with our technology enhanced nutritional program, that tells you precisely what to eat according to your choice of ingredients.

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Personalized meal plans based on ingredients you love

When it comes to losing weight and dieting, there is no one size fits all. We create for you a unique selection of ingredients to cover your needs and your preferences.

Forget about complicated recipes and tracking calories, we promise to never do that with Crave.

We use technology to create a personalized template of what you should eat and teach you how to adapt to your everyday craves with our unique food replacement calculator!

Fast response personal nutritionist to help you stay on track

Stay in touch with your own nutritionist, share your objectives and get support when you struggle or when you don’t really want to eat what’s in your menu.

Building a balanced, healthier life is now easier and affordable.

Achieve your goal with useful in-app tools

  • Weekly shopping list to reduce food waste
  • Food replacement calculator to modify your menu to best accommodate your craves
  • Food journal to understand your eating patterns
  • Video workouts in the comfort of your home, for all fitness levels and body types
  • Online nutrition coaching

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