What makes Crave different?

Cori Gramescu Crave Founder

From the desk of: Cori Grămescu

Location: Miami, Florida

The biggest danger to nutritional balance are bad cravings. The things we cave in for, the excuses we give ourselves on working nights, on stressful periods or on any given Monday. It’s ourselves.

To add fire to the matter, meal plans and diets are hard to follow, with strict recipes, ingredients we can’t always find or just dislike. And when you finally manage to master one, you remember you’re lagging behind with your workout. Being in shape seems like a rabbit hole… So, you give up, get that chocolate bar and the heck with the world and healthy bodies, it was just not designed for people like you and me.

I know what you mean, I’ve been there…

So hear me out. Not all diets are created equal, not all workouts work the same. That’s why I created the Crave nutrition app.

Crave is part private nutrititional coach, part personalized diets based on individual data and a unique nutritional algorithm that I’ve created. It’s your own personalized nutritional program created just for you and no one else, directly in your pocket.

After 15 years of nutritional coaching experience across Europe and going through my very own transformational personal journey, I hope to inspire people to be more active and engage consistently in training programs through this app.

I hope I’ll see you soon in our Crave community and we get to see your transformation journey and the amazing things you can achieve. We’re here, we’re all rooting for you.

Join Crave,

Cori Grămescu

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