3 ways to use meditation and mindfulness for losing weight

Published on February 3, 2021 by Cori Grămescu


When we want to lose weight, meditation and mindfulness can help us, because it makes us focus on our thoughts and emotions towards understanding ourselves better.

The American Meditation Society says that during meditation, the attention flows inward instead of engaging in the outside world of activity. Briefly put, when we meditate, we acknowledge what we think and how we feel without judgment. From this place of awareness, we can improve our minds, hence our choices to live a healthier lifestyle.

When we meditate with regularity, we see the benefits of our practice in our everyday life. Here is what we can achieve by using meditation and mindfulness as tools for living more consciously.

When we understand our thoughts and emotions, we realize what triggers us and why we want to eat in response to what upsets us. Meditation makes us see why we find comfort in food when we deal with negative emotions. It helps us overcome the mindless response and find better solutions to the problems causing us stress than eating.

Control our impulses

When we feel stressed, our impulses take over. Thus, we make emotional-based decisions rather than rational ones. With the help of meditation, we can exercise the ability to inhibit such impulses and behave in accordance with our goals. Therefore, we make better choices and reduce the level of stress also who can harm our health in the long term.

Intuitive eating

Meditation can help us recognize and understand our emotional needs but also know ourselves better. For example, if you tend to eat even if you are not hungry because people around you sat at a table and do so, meditation can help you be aware of such a context.

This way, you will learn to be connected with your physical hunger instead of your emotional hunger and you will eat when you need to, what you need to, and how much you need to. The Internet provides a lot of resources for meditation, so if you never did that, just Google for ‘meditation for beginners’ and you will get a selection that you can choose from.

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