Why today is the best day to start changing your life?

Published on December 2, 2020 by Cori Grămescu


We want good changes in our life, starting seems harder than it should but I have some simple suggestions to make a quicker transition with no blame and a bit of positive thinking.

Exiting peacefully and then accepting a new comfort zone

Did you ever think you wanted to start implementing a healthy habit in your life, but always postponed making it happen? Things like eating more veggies, committing to one hour of workout per week or quit smoking? You want to do it, but somehow you always end up delaying that first step towards change. What is it that withholds us? Why can’t we just do what we say we’re going to do especially if it is going to improve our lives?

As basic at it might sound, change is not easy. It is easy to stay within our comfort zone, but it is not easy to step out of it and this is the real challenge most people face: making that first step, committing to that change and following through no matter what. But sometimes we might put too much pressure on how change should look and feel like instead of just getting on with it and embracing the process with its ups and downs.

A flexible, gradual schedule change instead of a sudden one

Everyday is a blank slate waiting for us to make the best of it, an opportunity to give our best into living our best lives. Change does not lie into once in a lifetime moment that, if we miss, we will regret for the rest of our time here. Not at all! Change is possible at any moment we decide we are going to do something new for ourselves. Today is the best day for change!

When we view change as an activity to schedule sometime in the future, we might never be around doing it. Like many plans, it is easy to cancel change for the tiniest of reasons, imaginable or real. But if we view change as an action we can implement right away, it becomes more real and easier to do. Avoid comparing with other people and see what works for you.

For example, if I decide I want to eat healthier by adding more vegetables to my meals then, for the next one I am having, I can just buy some cherry tomatoes, cucumber and pepper bells and have them as a salad alongside steak.

Simple tips for easing the transition to a new lifestyle

If you want to succeed in anything, you just have to start! There are some tips and tricks that might keep you focused on your objective without feeling the pressure of another item on your to do list that has to be managed. Here are some of my suggestions:

Have a morning ritual

Rituals are a great way of starting your day because they give you a positive vibe and the confidence that you can get through the day with success. One of my favourite morning rituals is to visualize my day during morning coffee. I picture myself calm and focused, ready to embrace whatever the day brings with confidence and balance. I imagine I will achieve everything that I planned and that I will be surrounded by good-hearted people that will come my way in order to help me if I need it. A morning ritual can give you the power and confidence you can do anything!

Acknowledge that personal growth can be tough

Every time I want to change something in my life, I know it is not going to be an easy ride. Learning something new or quitting an old habit or way of being takes time and patience and it will not happen overnight. Keeping in mind this idea makes everything easier because I do not have to wait to feel in sync or in comfort with a specific moment to make the change. I know such a moment doesn’t exist. Instead, I just start ready to push my limits, feel the discomfort, but, no matter what, move on until I succeed.

Normalize ups and downs

Change is not a walk in the park. It takes effort and resilience when it becomes tougher. However, knowing this is the inevitable process brought by change, I am not afraid of what lies ahead of me and I understand change brings both ups and downs. Learning a new skill or habit is a lengthy process and we can only nail it if we keep practicing it. Just like an athlete keeps training every day to keep himself fit even if no contest lies ahead, we must keep training ourselves for whatever objectives we have in mind knowing practice makes it better.

Keep your confidence, do not await praise or external support

Changing your life might not be a glamorous process and no angels will revolve around you singing their hearts out just because you decided today is a good day to start changing your life. Keep in mind there is also no such thing as a perfect moment or day to try to become better and uplift your existence. You just make the move towards change and you keep doing it day in, day out, as best as you can, until, one day, you discover it is not an effort to do it anymore. It becomes normal to just act in that certain way.

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