Why flexibility of mind matters in a weight loss process?

Published on February 7, 2021 by Cori Grămescu


Weight loss should not be a goal in itself but the process should be adapted so that we make better choices and understand ourselves.

Many of us think that losing weight is an ”all or nothing” kind of approach. When we decide we want to lose weight, we want it to happen fast and we change all of our eating and working out habits, hoping that all these sudden changes will get us to our objective.

Is this extreme change of behavior viable on the long term? Will we be able to maintain the new imposed habits after we lose the desired weight as well? Or, once we reach our objective, we will get back to our usual habits, forgetting that everything we worked for will be lost without a constant practice of what we just learned?

Why we must change our eating and working out habits

Losing weight shouldn’t be a fast forward process as this approach won’t get us anywhere. What matters more than losing weight is understanding why we must change our eating and working out habits as well as other lifestyle choices in order to be as healthy and as fit as we can, forever. Chosing to lose weight in a healthy way, without hurrying up and pushing ourselves unneccesary, is the key to a long term transformation and to keeping our mental health during this evolutionary process in our lives.

We can keep our mind flexibility when we understand that losing weight is a process. Not hurrying up or limiting our transformation to a certain period of time and then getting frustrated if we don’t reach our goal means we remain relaxed and happy in this journey. We don’t add unneccessary pressure during a transformational process that can be challenging enough at the beginning, while learning new skills and implementing them. We have to cultivate patience.

How do we keep our flexibility of mind in a weight loss process depends on being organized, disciplined and conscious about it. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep ourselves sane and happy during a weight loss process:

Forget the ”foods are good or bad” mentality

It is all about balance. Eating more healthy foods and ocassionally foods that you enjoy, but are not really recommended long term if you want to keep your well-being, is the receipe you need to follow. It’s not the foods who are good or bad, it’s the choices that you make when you eat them.

Focus on attainable

There’s no point wanting to look like that Instagram influencer who’s a fitness instructor that works out all day long because it’s her job. Aiming at this will only make you go crazy. Just be the best version of yourself and aim at improving your choices every day. You need to compare to yourself and yourself only and avoid comparisons that are not viable.

Change goals

As I was saying in the beginning of this article, losing weight is not always the main goal even if it may seem so. Instead, focus on eating better foods, sleeping more, working out moderately and efficiently and losing weight will follow.

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