A trail guide to
self love and
radical wellbeing
Understand your emotions, your needs and feed yourself with happiness and pleasure, in a journey to better health, higher energy and self-care.
Why do you need this e-book?

We've created a simple, yet effective guide to feel better and love yourself more. 
Start healing your relationship with food, nourish your body and understand yourself better! 
As adults, most of us struggle with feeling self love. A lucky minority was raised with enough care to feel safe and worthy in their life and we often juggle too many responsibilities and self doubts. We let ourselves down and we crave feeling peacefully satisfied, proud of our bodies and happy with our lives.

Putting ourselves together and healing ourselves starts with the way we cater for our needs, the way we feed our bodies and our emotional hunger.

The right food will nourish your soul as it will honor your body.

That's what this book offers you.
This book helps you eat better, enjoy tastier foods and understand your body in a loving manner.
Download our guide and start managing your lifestyle! 
You will understand your emotions better, learn the essentials for better eating and find ways to be more effective and intentional with your lifestyle choices. 
The food you eat becomes your foundation for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life
Understand what your body really needs and then discover the excitement of offering yourself exactly what you need, while enjoying it!
Nutrition Science

For the last 16 years we have coached 30.000 women to eat better, feel better and love themselves more.

We apply science-based methods for sustainable and effective nutritional interventions.

Information is power, when properly understood and used.

Food psychology

Our relationship with food is so intimately derived from our relationship with ourselves and the way we cater for our needs.

We have developed a change-navigation protocol to empower and fuel your journey to choosing better food.

Healing emotions and and catering for your deep needs is a result of this journey.

Body optimization

Improving your body is mostly about feeling better, focusing more effectively and having more energy, before anything else.

We help clients improve the way they feel in their bodies, and as a result they start effectively managing their weight.

Nourish your body and it starts changing as a natural result of good care.

Optimal body composition 
  • Lead with intention - learn to align your actions to your vision and goals.
  • Food groups - understand nutrition essentials for better health.
  • Daily energy requirements - fuel your body optimally according to your goals.
  • Optimize your lifestyle - learn to save time and energy for what really matters.

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Understand your body
Whenever you experience cravings of lack of motivation, your body is telling you something! Our e-book prepares you for a deeper connection to yourself and a better understanding of such signals.
Unleash your creativity
The right information about nutrition makes you feel safe about your food choices. And that's what makes your choices creative and playful. Because you can now choose better, with the information we present you!
Join an enlightened community
Bringing together talent, vulnerability and resilience. This is what our mission is, and our community of readers reflects just that. You gain access to curated content for a good life. Easy and tasty cooking, pleasure-driven lifestyle and healing practices are all delivered weekly, exclusively to our tribe.
Individual Approach
We create bespoke nutrition plans because we know each one of us is unique. Just like that, we will support you in every way you feel the need to be sustained, encouraged and motivated. It's said that it takes a village to raise a child, but we know we sometimes just need one caring friend to help us get through the inevitable lows of life. We're here for you!
Our Clients Love Us
Sarah Lewin
I loved how simple and memorable the information in the book is written and the recipes are great!
Samuel Willson
I'm trying to take better care of myself and I was looking for a solution to start cooking simple recipes for weight loss
Alex Larkins
It's all so clear now, because I understand not only what to eat, but what I really need to feel better in my every day life!
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