Meet the JoinCrave community members: Lidia D.

Published on March 24, 2021 by Cori Grămescu


After losing weight with the help of the JoinCrave mobile app, Lidia says she is now an adult mind in the body of a teenager.

The pandemic was a wake-up call for Romanian Lidia D., aged 31, based in Germany! She realized she needs to change her lifestyle because the one she had made her feel dull, tired, and unhappy. She was familiar with Cori’s work for many years because she was following her on social media, so when the right time for personal change occurred, she turned her attention to Despite being skeptical in the beginning, because she never imagined she could lose weight while eating so much food, Lidia was surprised to witness her kilos flying away while eating healthy and working out moderately and constantly.

We got together with Lidia for a chat and found out what made her use, what she liked best about the platform and which are the most important takeaways after spending time in the JoinCrave community.

The wake-up call

In August 2020 I wasn’t feeling good anymore, neither mentally, nor physically. I didn’t like how I looked, my clothes didn’t fit anymore, I felt tired after climbing a couple of stairs, and my eating habits were chaotic. Moreover, I had just started intermittent fasting only to realize it does nothing good for me. On the contrary, I felt more stressed and my metabolism became even slower.

I was feeling I was putting on weight even if I was eating as little as a salad. I reached 70 kilos and I was losing hope I could ever healthily lose weight without trying super hard or I would gain back the weight. The gyms were also closed, so it was the moment when online seemed the best option for me to start living healthier.

My dream was to go back to 63-65 kilos in 6-8 months, but I was truly skeptical I would lose the extra weight because I was supposed to eat 5 times a day and I felt I had too much food to consume. I was going to have a big surprise!

The first results

I am lucky because I work in a supermarket and I have days when I walk around up to 12km. This is very important because the JoinCrave coaches always suggest us to walk rapidly every day, for as long as we can. This helped me harmoniously lose weight. I was shocked to see I lost 3 kgs after the first week by only following the recommended advice and eating and drinking healthier. My hope and trust were back as well as my energy and mood for loving life again. I wasn’t tired anymore. I continued to lose 1kg a week with healthy eating, 30 minutes of workout every 2-3 days, and plenty of water, up to as much as 3.5l a day. In exactly 8 weeks I managed to lose 10.6 kgs. The journey was and still is quite provocative.

Losing weight was not the end of the journey

After I lost the weight I wanted, I continued the maintenance program with JoinCrave. This happened in October 2020. It is when I got scared again. I had all these questions. What if I put on weight again? What if I am not able to do it on my own? Can I eat something sweet if I want to? But I discovered it was useless stress. With the help of Joincrave coaches, I overcame all the fears. I discovered that by eating more, sometimes even sweets because of stress or other factors, but still working out every 2-3 days, eating right, and drinking plenty of water, I still lost 3.6kgs, thus reaching 55kgs. This is a weight I stopped having after turning 20 and I never expected I could get back to it again.

Best parts about JoinCrave

  • Community.

It is where I read what other women do and I learn new things almost every day. It is a team united by the same goal, to have a healthy lifestyle.

  • Exercises.

Every two days I work out for 30 minutes when I come back from work.

  • Food replacement computer.

It is simply magical!

A better life

JoinCrave coaches and community taught me a lot of useful things such as: To eat healthier and cook simpler, yet tastier

  • To be more curious and experiment with hew tastes
  • I reduced the amount of salt, oil, and butter
  • I sleep better and more profoundly
  • I eat a lot of vegetables now
  • I eat fruits again. I used to think fruits make you fat
  • I workout without feeling it is a pain in the ass

The best takeaways

After using JoinCrave, Lidia gained valuable takeaways. She shared them with us:

  • It is not hard to organize and discipline yourself. Everybody has their own rhythm in doing it
  • We are human beings, not robots
  • I know how to eat and what to eat
  • I always look out for the healthiest version of food when I am not home
  • Working out is relaxing and joyful
  • I appreciate myself more when I make healthy choices

JoinCrave is a diet and well-being mobile app where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way.

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