Meet the JoinCrave community members: Gabriela P.

Published on March 24, 2021 by Cori Grămescu


After starving herself to lose weight, a 33 years old woman realized what a healthy lifestyle is all about with the help of the JoinCrave mobile app.

Gabriela P. always struggled with weight! Describing herself as a chubby teenager, she says she always had a love-hate relationship with food. In 2009, she reached her maximum weight of 80 kilos. It was the moment she realized she needed to change something so the first `improvement` that came to her mind was starving herself.

I now know this is something wrong to do, she admits. After almost 2 years of workouts and healthy, but not enough eating, she reached 55 kilos. But the fear of gaining the weight back was a constant one: I was always afraid to eat.

Three years ago, after changing her formal dynamic workplace for an office one and fighting the stress that comes with a new beginning, Gabriela started to eat chaotic once again, didn’t exercise anymore, and didn’t pay attention to her food. She reached 67 kilos but this time starving herself. The easy solution she knew once paid off, didn’t work anymore. It was the moment she asked for help and turned to the JoinCrave mobile app and its coaches. This is her story!

The JoinCrave mobile app made her feel comfortable from the very beginning

I was following Cori Grămescu on social media for a long time and when I had the chance to get coached by her, I immediately took it. I felt comfortable with her and the diet menu from the very beginning because I could choose what foods I wanted to eat and what workouts I wanted to do. I realized that if I organize myself and pay attention to her advice, I can mix my professional life with an active and healthy lifestyle.

From my very first encounter with Cori, I knew that she gets me and that I am in good hands with her. Even if I didn’t know her personally, I fully trusted her. In my first month, she encouraged me but also gave me the tough love when needed so I would focus more on achieving what I wanted.

After that first month, she said I am ready to join the community and continue with the standard diet. Even if I didn’t have the confidence in myself that I will succeed on my own, Cori told me to take this path and thus save some money that I could use on a massage. I was super impressed she told me that. Then I met the other coaches, Marina and Maria, and all the women in the community, and I felt great.

The first results came … immediately

I followed the diet as it was, I started to work out, my mood changed for the better, I was more joyful, and then the kilos started to drop, too. That was when I realized that this is ought to be my long-term lifestyle if I wanted to be healthy and like myself. Everything about exceeded my expectations.

I learned how I can eat without feeling guilty about food and I learned how to work out and have results. It’s been almost 8 months now since I am back at 55 kilos and I can maintain the results and take care of myself. I feel extraordinary and I want to celebrate my success every day!

I recommend JoinCrave to anyone because it is easy to use and the team behind it is great. They are professionals with a big heart and they will do everything to help you and guide you in your weight loss journey!

JoinCrave is a diet and well-being mobile app where nutrition coaches are by your side every step of the way.

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