How to set boundaries when other people don’t support your weight loss journey

Published on February 5, 2021 by Cori Grămescu


Weight loss changes your body but also the relationship with others so avoid anxiety, fear and rudeness while you keep your course.

When you are on a weight loss journey, a lot of new things happen because you get out of your comfort zone. This means that while you have to adjust on different areas of your life, like how you eat and how you workout, you also have to adjust your relationships with your closed ones, especially if they don’t understand your weight loss journey, don’t support it or don’t know how to support it.

Adjusting familiar relationships can be sometimes tough especially if you are not the kind of upfront person. Such a thing can bring some anxiety in a context where you already have to learn and incorporate new skills valuable for your weight loss journey. But if you take it step by step, you will be able to speak your mind and even explain to those close to you why you need their understanding and support.

Start small

Communicating skills take practice in order to perfect. When someone who knows about your weight loss journey invites you to have just a tiny bite of chocolate cake because it is freshly baked, simply say ‘Thank you! But I don’t want to eat anything sweet right now.’ It is a good start if you don’t feel prepared to be more direct or assertive and remind that person that you work on losing weight and such treats are out of questions and you’d very much appreciate if in the upcoming future they will give it a thought before bringing sweets into discussion when they very well know where you’re at.

Freedom from guilt

When you are on a weight loss journey, you might feel the pressure from those around you when it comes to new habits that you have. They might question why you go to the gym so often, why you want to lose weight or why you don’t want to taste from that juicy apple tart aunt made. In order to be able to follow you own way, you must be free from guilt of not doing what others expect you to do because you’ve done it up to now. Your life is your life and you really don’t have to explain yourself to anyone so just stick to your objectives and carry on. You’re not mean to live your way and it’s not your problem if others feel disappointed or get upset because your choices don’t satisfy them!

Order from different places

Losing weight shouldn’t keep you away from the things that you love doing with your friends or loved ones. If there is a takeaway food and movie night and everybody is keened on pizza and beers, just let them know you will order your food from somewhere else according to your weight loss objective. It shouldn’t be a big deal because what is important is that you are all together, not the food that you eat.

Seek support

If you find it hard to stand your ground when you meet people and you have to tell them why you can’t eat or drink certain foods and beverages, then seek for the help of a professional that can guide you into being more courageous and assertive.

A psychologist, for example, can better understand why it is difficult for you to speak loudly about your needs and desires and can help you overcome this communication difficulties that will make it easier for you in the future no matter the subjects you will approach with other people!

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