How to cultivate perseverance in a weight loss process

Published on February 4, 2021 by Cori Grămescu


The stress of weight loss may overwhelm you but having the right mindset and understanding help a lot to keep motivation.

A weight loss process takes time, patience and perseverance. Perseverance means to do what you have to do without quitting when it gets hard or when you don’t see the expected results. Perseverance means to trust the process and keep going even if there will be downsides along the way. But how to cultivate perseverance in a weight loss process? Here are some tips and tricks about how to stick to your weight loss plan without feeling discouraged in the process.

Have a growth mindset

Mind is the most important part in any process that we follow because it can equally be our friend or our enemy. A growth mindset suggests that you are oriented towards growing and learning so this means you don’t have to have it all figured out from the very beginning. Many people tend to quit in the process of weight loss thinking they don’t master the process to perfection. But a weight loss process is all about learning and growing, so get excited about all the things that will come your way and that will improve your life.

Develop trust in yourself and your body

Sticking to a weight loss process can be hard when you don’t see results as fast as you wished. But remember that losing weight takes time and your body won’t let you down if you follow in the right steps of the process. Accept your body as it is and from this point further the relationship with your body will improve and you will enjoy treating it better more and more every day and, thus, seeing the positive changes it goes through and the weight it loses.

Keep your goals in mind

Ups and down are inevitable and when we make mistakes, we feel tempted to give up. But every time there’s a bump in the road we should remember that our goal is bigger than any bad day that we might have. Perseverance means to follow our long-term goals and to try and do our best every day to achieve them. The overall attitude and actions that we take are more important than one bad decision.
Don’t go for an all or nothing attitude

When you start a weight loss process, moderation is the key. Losing weight takes time and patience, so enjoy every step on the way and don’t get extreme on yourself wishing to do everything perfect when it comes to eating and working out. Make the best out of every day and don’t punish yourself for the inevitable flaws on the way. Love yourself enough to see the weight loss process as a gift for a better health and life.

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