How do I stay motivated about my weight loss when people around discourage me?

Published on February 4, 2021 by Cori Grămescu


Weight loss motivation comes from yourself but during or on a stressful change others around may upset you and finding positive people is important to success.

So you started your weight loss journey and your are self confident and excited and determined to give your best every day in order to accomplish your objective. But then naysayers show up, objecting, criticizing and questioning everything that you do. Before you know it, you feel unsupported, sad and unmotivated and that relationships with dear people around you turned around and became weird and unbalanced. What do you do?

When we decide to do something good for ourselves, sometimes other people will feel attacked by our decision. How come? They will see in you the determination and discipline and decision for self improvement that they never managed to have and this will make them upset and angry. Instead of admiring, looking up to you and seeing you as an example for their self improvement, they will try to bring you down as if there is something wrong with you for wanting to be better.

It is not your fault that people you expected more from try to bring you down! It is in your power to take the decisions that need to be taken in order to make your life easier and to allow you to follow your weight loss process without any pressure or barriers of any kind. When you start a weight loss process and you feel killjoys start showing up around you, just remember the following ideas:

You do it for yourself

As much pressure as other people might put on you because of your weight loss process, remember that it is your decision, your life. You need to have the right mindset but understand the others as well.

We are used to people messing into our own business and we spend a lot of time and energy trying to convince people of why we do what we do when, in fact, we shouldn’t explain ourselves at all. Losing weight is a personal decision and that’s that!

Silence your inner critic

Sometimes we feel people criticizing our weight loss journey are right because you criticize yourself too. However, it is a wrong thing to do because you always deserve the best and losing weight takes time, patience, trust in the process, adapting, adjusting and many other things are, in fact, life lessons. They will be useful in other contexts too once you’re done with your weight loss.

Just silence your inner critic and believe in yourself and the road you’re on. I promise it will lead you where you want to!

Surround yourself with supporters

Some people we thought of as friends will start acting mean once you start your weight loss process and will question all the decisions that you make regarding improved eating habits and new workouts you’re trying. As hard as it can be to let go of an old friend or distance yourself from them for a while, toxicity is not good in your life, so back away from such people.

Find people with the same interests as you for a change and surround yourself with joyful and positive folks that believe in living healthy!

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