Fasting diet – eat vegetarian and lose weight

Published on July 3, 2020 by Cori Grămescu


A vegetarian AND weight loss diet? Now that’s a great combination for your health. Here is what you can do to fast and lose weight at the same time!

Since this is the time of the Easter Fast, many people ask me what to eat in order not to gain weight. My opinion, at least from personal experience, is that during fasting you actually can lose weight and improve your food choices! Read what to eat during fasting if you want to lose weight, because the fasting diet is very healthy and easy to follow!


  • Tabbouleh salad with 2 slices of tofu, 2 tomatoes, 5 finn crisp
  • 50 g buckwheat flakes with soy yoghurt and a handful of forest fruit
  • either
    • 2 slices of whole flour bread with 1 pepper, 10 cashews and 4 spoons of oil-free hummus
    • or 2 slices of brown bread, 1 spoon eggplant stew (“zacusca”), 1 spoon eggplant salad, 1 spoon vegetal pâté and 2 large tomatoes
    • or 2 slices of brown bread, 1 pepper, 1 cucumber, 2 slices of tofu, 2 spoons of eggplant salad
  • 30 g oat flakes, 20 g walnuts, a handful of forest fruit, coconut milk with almonds
  • 30 g walnuts, 1 tomato, 1 pepper, 3 tofu slices, and 1 slice of brown bread

Morning snack

Two fruits of your choice


  • Broccoli and vegetable stew, 1 slice of brown bread
  • String bean and vegetable stew, 3 finn crisp
  • Chickpea and vegetable stew, 2 pcs. of wasa
  • Lentil and vegetable stew, 2 puffed rice crackers
  • Vegetable stew (carrots, eggplant, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, onions, peas), 3 finn crisp
  • Vegetable salad with tofu, 1 slice of brown bread

Evening snack

  • 2 spoons of hummus, 1 bell pepper, 2 finn crisp
  • 2 spoons of eggplant salad, 1 tomato, 2 tofu slices
  • 1 handful of walnuts with a green apple
  • 2 raw carrots with 2 spoons of hummus


  • Cooked spinach with veggies, 2 tofu slices and 2 finn crisp
  • Cauliflower stew, 2 finn crisp
  • Broccoli stew, 2 tofu slices
  • Veggie cream soup, assorted salad with chickpeas
  • Nettle stew with 3 tofu slices, 1 slice of bread
  • Root salad: carrot, celery, grated parsnip with minced white cabbage salad, and a dressing with lemon, sweet mustard and olive oil
  • Vegetable stew, 2 tofu slices, 2 spoons of hummus

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