4 benefits of journaling when you want to lose weight

Published on February 7, 2021 by Cori Grămescu


To be successful in weight loss you need to know what happens and when, what works and not, how you cope with various issues and keeping a journal can be very helpful.

Losing weight is a process and in this process, we learn a lot of new things. It is a journey of self-discovery, above all. More than eating healthier and moving more, to lose weight means to re-evaluate a lot of aspects of our lives. To better understand who we are, what we want, how to get there, and what holds us back from reaching our objectives, journaling can be a very effective tool.

Simply writing down our most intimate thoughts and desires, we can better understand ourselves, our relationships with others, our relationship with food, and other aspects of our lives. Clearing out our emotional patterns is a big step in being able to easily face new habits and ways of doing things in our lives. When we understand ourselves, we consciously improve our lives and we are willing to be better versions of ourselves in everything that we do.

Here are 4 of the benefits of journaling while you are in a weight loss process:

Increases consciousness around eating patterns

Many of the people wanting to lose weight have a bad relationship with food. Food is their answer to emotional issues, so they use food as comfort. Why this happens is a question every person finds their own answer to. But to get to the point, we need to ask ourselves certain questions. Once we do this kind of work, we can understand why food occupies such an important role in our lives, and then we can take away its power by acknowledging what it means to us.

Alleviate stress

Stress is the response our minds and bodies give when certain stimuli occur. When we are stressed, we tend to choose unhealthy foods and overeat. Moreover, our bodies can produce increased levels of cortisol. All these can lead to gaining weight, among other things. Writing down our thoughts when we feel stressed can eliminate the pressure, thus easing our minds and bodies. Being patient can help a lot.

Process your thoughts

Writing down how you feel can help you better understand your thoughts and responses to different events and actions. In our everyday lives, our response to what happens to us is automatic and we rarely think about why we said what we said or why we did what we did in a certain way. Journaling can help us be conscious of our thoughts and understand them. It may also help in cultivating perseverance.

Express feelings and emotions

Most of the time we refrain ourselves from speaking our minds when we wished we did it. Be it in our family, at work, or in various aspects of life, not expressing our opinions, thus feelings and emotions, can be an unseen burden that we carry around. And it can be toxic, too. Journaling can help us release that tension and unwind our nervous system.

Do you use journaling to keep yourself aware of your thoughts and emotions? If you don’t, then give it a try and see what happens.

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